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By: One Cool Dude | February 11, 2016

Preventative maintenance on your HVAC system is very important. In fact, it should be part of your regular spring cleaning activities. Taking the right actions now mean you’re significantly less likely to experience a catastrophic breakdown when the weather is at its worst. Avoid the inconvenience, discomfort and danger of a summer system failure by taking the right actions now.

Is your air conditioner ready for the extreme demand of summer in this area? Even if your system is relatively new, it still requires scheduled and routine air conditioning maintenance to stay in great condition and run properly. The last thing you want is to have the hassles and the added expense of dealing with an HVAC system breakdown in the summer when time is of the essence and you want to keep your family comfortable.

Also, dirty and poorly maintained AC systems cost you money. According to the experts at one particular industry organization, running a poorly maintained system might be costing you as much as $1,000 more per year than running one with clean coils and clean filters.

Twice-yearly ac service is recommended to keep your system in tiptop shape, and that service needs to be done by a qualified HVAC contractor. This is especially important in the springtime because the harsh weather we experience in the winter can have a serious negative impact on your cooling equipment.

When you call on us for your air conditioning maintenance in the spring, expect us to perform the following vital services:

  • inspect your evaporator coil to make sure it’s working right, is clean and can drain adequately,
  • inspect filters and change or clean them as necessary to make sure they’re in good order,
  • inspect all unit wiring and other connections to make sure there aren’t any issues,
  • make sure the refrigerant is charged according to manufacturer specifications,
  • check the condenser coil for efficiency and cleanliness,
  • check the temperature drop of the unit,
  • and more.

Could you do all of this yourself? Even if you can, do you have the expertise and experience to know that everything is actually in proper working order? Can you spot the small signs that a big failure is coming?

It makes sense to leave the trickier tasks of air conditioning maintenance to professionals like us.

There is, however, one do-it-yourself task we recommend you do regularly: clean or change those filters. It’s the best thing you can do to maintain the life of your system. Change pleated filters every one to three months; change other filters according to manufacturer instructions.

When you take the right actions in the spring and all year round, you can get the best from your AC system and save substantially on operating costs too.

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