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By: One Cool Dude | February 11, 2016

It’s a terrible feeling. You know your air conditioning system isn’t working right, but you don’t know what’s wrong, whether it can fixed without having to get a new system and how much it will cost you to be cool in your own home again.

If your AC system isn’t working, there’s usually no mystery about it when a trained professional takes a look. Here are the four most common issues that keep air conditioning units from working well:

1. Refrigerant leaks. Your AC unit requires a certain amount of a substance called refrigerant. If it doesn’t have enough, it won’t work right. Refrigerant can leak from a system in a variety of ways, and the reason for the leak needs to be found and fixed. Then, the system needs to be recharged.

2. Poor maintenan...

By: One Cool Dude | February 11, 2016

Planning on keeping your thermostat set to ‘just above freezing,’ all winter to save on heating costs? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be that extreme to see a noticeable difference on your monthly heating bills. Consider these top seven tips for saving on your heating costs and you’ll be glad you did!

Have A Clean Furnace

When your furnace has to work through dirt and grim to drive heat into your home it’s not performing efficiently. Likely, you have good habits in regards to changing the filters, but did you know there’s more to a clean furnace than just this important step? Having a professional out to evaluate and clean your furnace, including the ducts will help reduce the work it takes to heat your home and this will be reflected in y...

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By: One Cool Dude | January 14, 2016

When a company serves an area for more than 40 years, it’s bound to learn a thing or two about it. Frisco, Texas is something of an expert subject of the people at Daniels Air Inc., a professional heating and air conditioning company in Frisco, TX that’s been serving North Texas since 1969.

Spanning Collin County and Denton County, this rapidly growing North Texas city is actually one of the fastest growing municipalities in the nation. Located less than a half-hour from DFW Airport, it must be tempting to get away from the city when temperature extremes are predicted.

Fortunately, the nearly 130,000 citizens of Frisco have an alternative. Heating and air conditioning makes the town bearable even when temps are unpredictable. Climatologis...

By: One Cool Dude | October 30, 2015

A central air conditioner that is located outside should be cleaned before the beginning of summer.  You can remove debris and leaves from around the outside unit.  You can do a lot of cleaning and maintenance by yourself, but also you should call in the services of a professional air conditioning service company every year.  If the unit is properly maintained, it will use less energy than an air conditioning unit that is not maintained.

There can be different kinds of problems that arise with an air conditioner.  It may not work at all or it may work, but do a poor job of cooling the house or business.  It may make noises.  It may drip or leak water.  Do what you can on your own to maintain the unit, but if it is beyond the realm of your...