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By: One Cool Dude | February 15, 2016

When winter months strikes, having a efficient and also clean heating system not only makes your house more comfy, but also assists prevent plumbing system issues. Having the heating unit inspected every year and washed needs to be a part of great residence maintenance.

Something the A/C solution technician needs to search for are cracks in the heat exchange. These cracks are not simply aesthetic defects that establish over time. Fractures can be really unsafe as they let carbon monoxide gas into the house. Carbon monoxide poisoning can result in health issues or death.

There is an additional risk that may result from cracked heat exchangers. That is fire. The fracture could expand over time, hence allowing the heater fire to get to the ar...

By: One Cool Dude | February 11, 2016

Planning on keeping your thermostat set to ‘just above freezing,’ all winter to save on heating costs? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be that extreme to see a noticeable difference on your monthly heating bills. Consider these top seven tips for saving on your heating costs and you’ll be glad you did!

Have A Clean Furnace

When your furnace has to work through dirt and grim to drive heat into your home it’s not performing efficiently. Likely, you have good habits in regards to changing the filters, but did you know there’s more to a clean furnace than just this important step? Having a professional out to evaluate and clean your furnace, including the ducts will help reduce the work it takes to heat your home and this will be reflected in y...

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By: One Cool Dude | November 13, 2015

With today's growing expenses for energy, individuals are looking increasingly more toward different heating approaches. People that reside in climates where it gets cold need to have a method to heat their homes. Gas is utilized most often today in the US. This sort of power is discovered in a lot of residences that have a central furnace. Fossil fuel prices, however, are rising at an amazingly fast price. Due to this, several residents are trying to find more economical option to heat their house. Alternative home heating approaches appeal for several customers.

Selecting alternate home heating techniques can be difficult as well as there are several things that have to be considered. The first thing a customer should do when taking a look...

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By: One Cool Dude | October 26, 2015

When winter hits, having a clean and efficient heater not only makes the house more comfortable, but also helps prevent plumbing problems.  Having the heater cleaned and checked every year should be a part of good home maintenance. 

One thing the air conditioning service technician needs to look for are cracks in the heat exchange.  These cracks are not just cosmetic flaws that develop over time.  Cracks can be very dangerous as they let carbon monoxide into the home.  Carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to sickness or death.

There is another danger that may result from cracked heat exchangers.  That is fire.  The crack may grow over time, thus allowing the furnace flame to reach the area where the electrical controls are.  This can start...

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